SATISFACTION CONNECTS. For this reason, Pintsch-Bubenzer brakes oftentimes represent the best possible solution for global manufacturers. Our brake systems for excavators and conveyors are adapted to individual demands of our customers.

Furthermore, we can also developed control systems for defined braking of conveyors, explosion-proof brakes for use in caves, as well as special brake pads for specific use.

Disc brake with Büel 


  • working brakes for cranes,
  • working brakes for conveyor belts. 
Disk zavore


  • limit switch release control
  • manual release lever with or without lock
  • self-centering of brake arms by cam disc and roller
  • automatic wear compensator
  • sintered linings for high friction speeds
  • organic, non-asbestos linings for low friction speeds
  • continuously adjustable brake spring with torque scale and wear bushing enclosed in a spring tube
  • stainless steel pins and spindles
  • maintenance-free bushings in all hinge points
  • right or left-hand design
  • w-execution (special anti-corrosion protection)

Technical specifications and options

  • torque: 103-890 Nm
  • contact force: 1305-5000 N
  • weight 48-53 kg.


  • limit switch wear control
  • limit switch hand release
  • monitoring systems (e.g. VSR/CMB)
  • disc brake with hubs or couplings

SF hydraulic brakes


  • safety brake for elevators,
  • brake for conveyor belts .


  • the hydraulic part on the outside of the brake,
  • easy replacement of brake pads,
  • easy adjustment of wear compensation,
  • high efficiency.
Hydraulics brake


  • hydraulic release of brake,
  • pressure force from 100 to 400 kN per brake piston,
  • the brake force depends on the diameter and number of brake pistons,
  • weights 210 to 1180 kg.
SF10 SF15 SF24 SF30 SF40
FA 100 kN 150 kN 240 kN 300 kN
d1 d2 – 170 mm d2 – 170 mm d2 – 200 mm d2 – 290 mm
d4 d2 – 420 mm d2 – 420 mm d2 – 490 mm d2 – 620 mm

Elastic K couplings


  • elevators,
  • cranes
  • lifting stations,
  • conveyor belts.


  • torsionally elastic,
  • low wear,
  • disc replacement without axial displacement.


  • type: elastic coupling,
  • axial clearance up to + -2 mm,
  • angular clearance up to 2 x 0.32 °,
  • speed up to 3800 min-1,
  • for torque transmissions up to 13350 Nm.
Elastic K couplings
K145 K170 K200 K230 K260 K300 K360 K400
Mbr. max. Nm 1800 2850 4950 7740 11940 17550 29100 40050
Tkn. max. Nm 600 950 1650 2580 3980 5850 9700 13350
Premer izvrtine max. mm 60 75 95 110 125 140 160 160
Hitrost max. rpm 3800 3400 3000 2700 2400 2200 1750 1750


Safety brakes

Contact pressure: 100 – 400 kN.

KFB service brakes are primarily used for internally and externally ventilated motors on trolleys, hoist reducer, and in crane drives.

SFB brakes

SFB brakes are successfully used on winch motors in ship constructions, and as service brakes on port cranes.

BHB band and brakes

Hydraulically-released bank brakes.

Storm brakes

pneumatic clamps

Pneumatic clams with a holding force from 25 to 400 kN.

bsb band brakes

Band brakes with a holding force from 100 to 300 kN.

wheel brakes

Spring-applied wheel brakes, braking force ± 56 kN.

The SOS system is the first anti-overload system without hydraulic parts for securing container lifts. This prevents the risk of damage to the structure when starting the engine, which is the main source of inertia in addition to the brake disk.

In case of an overload, the Malmedie Safety Clutch (MSC) instantly separates the motor and its high inertia mass from the gearbox. PINTSCH BUBENZER safety brakes (SF) immediately stop the load and prevent the rope from being lost / broken. LiTec ® service brake discs further reduce inertia.


  • malmedie safety coupling,
  • MSC PINTSCH BUBENZER LiTec ® inertia brake disc with reduced torque,
  • SB 28 PINTSCH BUBENZER service brake SB 28,
  • PINTSCH BUBENZER SF safety brake with CMB force control sensors (quick execution setting),
  • malmedie TTX drum coupling,

Main characteristics

  • MSC relaxation time <1 mx,
  • protection is performed in less than 100 ms,
  • separate and independent SOS PLC,
  • housing 600 x 600 x 300 mm retrofit,
  • manual system reset after mandatory inspection.

Hydraulic units

For operation of SF and BSC brakes.

Emergency hand pump,

redundant solenoid valve,

idle valve – additional options on request.

Motor: 3 kW,

Pump: 91/ min,

Ventil: 24 V DC/ 110 V AC/ 220 V Ac,

Tank: 30 liters.